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Considering a career in aviation or just want to learn a little more about this industry? If so then this might be the perfect introductory course for you.  

The aviation industry can seem complicated with a lot of acronyms and terminology that you don’t hear everyday. Even if you have worked in the industry it can be difficult to get a good overview and so we at NAVBLUE developed this 2 hour eLearning course that should help you get to grips with some of the basics. The course covers: 

  • Basic terminology used in the aviation industry
  • How an aircraft flies and the laws of physics that enable flight
  • What the control and operational systems are within an airline and how they connect
  • How regulations and regulatory bodies help us to ensure the safe travel of passengers
  • How weather impacts flight operations and how we manage those impacts safely
  • Airports and aerodromes and how they work, including turnarounds
  • Key job roles within an airline
  • Key functions of crew members aboard a passenger flight
  • Key steps in the passenger journey

This course will take you approximately 2 hours to complete.

Here at NAVBLUE we are passionate about aviation and so we wanted to offer this course at a price that was affordable to everyone. If you would like to offer this course to more people in your organization then please CLICK HERE to request a quote and we can provide you with a discount for bulk orders.  

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